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  • Preparing for a New School Year? Don't Forget a Dental Check-Up!

    Pencils, new clothes, books, and binders—these are among the many things on the typical child's back to school checklist, but it is equally important to make sure your children are healthy during the back to school process . One way to start the school year off right is with a check-up and cleaning. It is the perfect time to see the dentist before the work and extracurricular activities of another ...
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  • Are Your Kids Involved in Sports? Remember to Protect Their Teeth - Get a Mouth Guard!

    Football, soccer, basketball—participation in recreational or extracurricular sporting activities is a common part of growing up for many kids. Many of these activities have numerous pieces of safety equipment, and a mouth guard is crucial part of keeping your children safe. While safety equipment and numerous rules attempt to make sports as safe as possible, the physical and unpredictable nature ...
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  • Welcome to Our Blog!

    As residents of Alton, Illinois, you can come to our office for all of your dental needs. We handle anything from simple tooth decay and cavities to other very serious matters such as root canals or tooth replacements. We understand the severity of the situation that you face, and you can count on us for the anxiety-free procedures that you need. We know the fear and uncertainty that you may be ...
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