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Are Your Kids Involved in Sports? Remember to Protect Their Teeth - Get a Mouth Guard!

Are Your Kids Involved in Sports? Remember to Protect Their Teeth - Get a Mouth Guard!

Football, soccer, basketball—participation in recreational or extracurricular sporting activities is a common part of growing up for many kids. Many of these activities have numerous pieces of safety equipment, and a mouth guard is crucial part of keeping your children safe. While safety equipment and numerous rules attempt to make sports as safe as possible, the physical and unpredictable nature of sports means there is, unfortunately, a risk of injury.

A mouth guard, however, can significantly reduce the chance of an injury occurring. There are multiple types of mouth guards—readymade, boil and bite, and custom-manufactured. These varieties of mouth guards will differ in price, but all mouth guards can protect your children's teeth. It is important to remember that teeth are permanent, and if teeth are impacted during a game, they will not regrow. Always wear a mouth guard—even during practice. As a parent, you are well-aware that there is no such thing as being "too safe."

A mouth guard can help:

  • Prevent injuries such as fracture, avulsion and luxation
  • Keep your kids' teeth intact

Make Sure Your Kid Athlete Visits the Dentist Regularly

At Humbert Road Dentistry, our friendly and helpful team of dental professionals treats children every single day, and we are aware of the unique needs of children who participate in athletic programs. A regular dental visit can ensure your children's gums and teeth are in good health.

We can offer you and your child the necessary guidance and advice to preserve their smile and prevent injury during strenuous physical activities. An Alton dentist at our practice can perform a preventive checkup and cleaning. In the case of an accident, we may be able to perform restorative dental work and surgery. Our team is aware that the thought of the dentist makes many kids anxious, and we work to create an anxiety-free dental environment.

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