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As part of our services, we can educate you about your unique needs. Understanding some facts about consequences of poor oral hygiene and oral cancer may help you prevent it from happening to you. For example, men are twice as likely to be diagnosed with oral cancer as women. Women, however, are three times more likely to die of oral cancer than cervical cancer. In all, one person dies from oral cancer every hour because they didn't catch the disease soon enough to get treatment.

Our office is dedicated to providing our current patients as well as new patients with the best possible service and treatment in every situation. We are also committed to providing our patients with anxiety-free procedures. We understand that you may be experiencing fear and uncertainty regarding the potential procedure that you face, but it is important for you to seek the treatment that you need before the situation becomes worse. Let us work with you to pursue a healthier future and to begin the process of restoring your oral health.

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