Humbertroaddentistry treatment
Our Routine Wellness Visits are extremely important in preventing future dental problems. At these visits, patients typically receive an exam by the dentist, a cleaning, diagnostic X-Rays, oral hygiene instructions, fluoride application, and an oral cancer screening.

Humbert Road Dentistry believes in the necessity of routine preventative measures, combined with effective home care. At these appointments, our team will work with you to identify factors that may be contributing to health issues and will show you ways to improve and hopefully avoid future problems. By having an exam regularly, patients are able to have minor issues treated at their earliest stages before they  become painful or require more complex treatment. In addition, patients are encouraged to practice effective home care, such as brushing at least twice a day, flossing at least once a day, and avoiding foods and drinks that can cause cavities.


Humbertroaddentistry dentalplan
Humbert Road Dentistry offers a unique Wellness Membership Plan which provides patients with the opportunity to receive quality dental care for a percentage of the cost. We believe that prevention is the key to achieving a healthy mouth and healthy body, and that everyone should have affordable access to care. Our Wellness Plan was created with this goal in mind. Please see the Wellness Plan tab on our home page for further information.


Humbertroaddentistry cleaning
We provide routine cleanings (or prophylaxis) as well as deep cleanings (Scaling and Root Planing). For maintenance of clean and healthy teeth, we recommend cleanings at least every 6 months. Maintenance may be required sooner for those patients with a history of periodontal disease or who are currently in orthodontics.


Humbertroaddentistry digitalxray
Digital x-rays and intraoral cameras are some of the most significant advancements in modern dentistry. Digital x-rays are safer and more accurate than traditional dental x-rays. They are convenient and quicker and are able to be viewed on a computer instantly. Intraoral cameras are also used to diagnose dental problems and are very important in patient education. Modern dental imaging technology allows us to show you clear views of you dental conditions and provide you with the dental treatment that you deserve.


Humbertroaddentistry oralcancerscreening
Humbert Road Dentistry strongly recommends oral cancer screenings at routine check-up appointments. Oral cancer screening devices are used to detect abnormalities or suspicious areas within the oral cavity that may not be visible to the naked eye. The dentist and hygienist are the first lines of defense in the early detection of oral cancer.


Humbertroaddentistry filling
Sealants are a preventive treatment that protects the chewing surfaces of molars and premolars from tooth decay or cavities. These teeth often have deep grooves that are difficult to clean and highly susceptible to cavities due to the plaque and bacteria in these areas. Tooth colored sealants are painted on the teeth to make the grooves more shallow, and this protects the enamel from plaque and acid. This is a simple, non-invasive, pain-free procedure and is especially beneficial for children.


Humbertroaddentistry perioprotect
The Perio Protect System is a non-invasive method of treating gum disease at home. The tray system utilizes a special sealing system to deliver medication below the gums into deep pockets that the toothbrush and floss can’t reach. It is very comfortable and easy to wear. Not only does Perio Protect treat gum disease, it also helps to reduce the risk of cavities, fight bad breath, whiten teeth, and promote overall health by reducing the amount of damaging pathogens or bacteria in the mouth. When used as a supplement to in-office dental treatments, Perio Protect is extremely effective.


Humbertroaddentistry gingivitis
Periodontal Disease is a leading cause of tooth loss and it’s estimated that 80% of Americans suffer from some type of gum disease. The early stage of gum disease is called gingivitis, where gums may bleed and be swollen. It can usually be reversed by a professional cleaning combined with effective daily home care.

Periodontal Disease occurs when Gingivitis is left untreated. Plaque and calculus accumulation builds and hardens around the teeth, both above and below the gums, where it is difficult for a tooth brush or floss to reach. This build-up of bacteria causes inflammation, which creates a pocket for bacteria to thrive, and damages the bone surrounding the teeth. Gums can recede and become very sensitive. Taste may change. Teeth are more prone to sensitivity and cavities and can become loose. It is important that this disease be treated early and quickly in order to minimize long-term damage.

Humbert Road Dentistry offers a variety of treatment for Gum Disease, including deep cleanings and Perio Protect Method.


Humbertroaddentistry filling
Restorative dentistry serves to remedy the effects of decayed, damaged, cracked, chipped, worn, or unsightly teeth. There are many cases in which a tooth requires a filling, such as cavities, damage, wear, accidents, chipped or broken teeth. Composite restorations are mercury-free, white tooth-colored fillings that are bonded to teeth to replace the missing tooth structure. These restorations look and feel natural and match the shade of your teeth. These fillings can be placed by appointment or the same day you’re in for your cleaning!


Humbertroaddentistry cosmeticdentistry
Whether you want a single tooth fixed or an entire smile make-over, our team can help.

Cosmetic dental treatment can consist of various treatments such as porcelain veneers, crowns, or teeth whitening. There are even ways to fix a “gummy smile”. If you aren’t sure where to start or are interested in seeing your options and possibilities, set up an appointment to consult with your dentist. We love working with patients to achieve the smile of your dreams.


Humbertroaddentistry crowns
Crowns and veneers are often used to cover or reshape broken teeth, teeth with cracks or fracture lines, or severely worn teeth, while bridges are used to replace missing teeth. Bridges are permanently cemented into place and offer a more cosmetic and natural feeling treatment option than removable partials.


Humberroaddentistry rootcanal
Root canal therapy is a common way of saving a natural tooth that has been damaged from infection or disease, fractures, trauma, deep cavities, or any other issue that may cause inflammation to the pulp tissue or nerve of the tooth. By removing the damaged nerve and pulp tissue inside of a tooth, we can relieve pain and make the tooth healthy again.


Humbertroaddentistry dentalextraction
Some teeth are damaged beyond repair and may need to be removed. Our doctors perform painless simple as well as surgical extractions and offer a variety of replacement options.


Humbertroaddentistry dentalimplant
Dental implants are a safe, reliable, well-proven solution for permanently replacing one or more missing teeth. They are also a great alternative for loose or ill-fitting dentures. Implants are the longest lasting tooth replacement solution in dentistry today.


Humbertroaddentistry denturepartial
Full dentures and partial dentures are prosthetic devices that serve as false teeth. They can be taken in and out of the mouth. Full dentures replace all of the teeth, and partials only replace some teeth.


Boy humbertroaddentistry
At Humbert Road Dentistry, we want to provide the best possible experience for your child. Positive experiences that begin at a young age can pave the way for the development of healthy habits and a lifetime of great oral health. Pediatric dentistry includes treatment for children and adolescents with a focus on prevention, growth and development, and child/parent education.


Humbertroaddentistry emergency
At Humbert Road Dentistry, we understand how painful dental emergencies can be, and we also know that some dental problems can increase your risk for other health issues such as diabetes, stroke, and heart attack. If you are experiencing dental pain, please call our office, and we will schedule a consultation appointment during regular business hours. We will focus on helping you become healthy and comfortable as quickly as possible.


Humbertroaddentistry teethwhitening
Are you looking to improve the color of your smile? Whitening is a great way to brighten faded or discolored natural teeth. Teeth whitening is easy, cost-effective, and convenient.


Humbertroaddentistry invisalign
Invisalign or Clear Correct Clear Aligners are ways to successfully complete mild to moderate orthodontic treatment without the use of traditional metal brackets and wires.


Humbertroaddentistry sleepapneaappliance1
Snoring and sleep apnea appliances can drastically improve your quality of sleep. These appliances can help patients who have difficulties tolerating a CPAP. Sleep apnea is the cessation of breathing during sleep that can cause damage to the body and a deterioration in overall health. It can also be a sign of other medical conditions. It is critical to work closely with your physician or dentist to treat this potentially life threatening condition.


Humbertroaddentistry mouthguard
Occlusal guards protect your teeth from wear that is often associated with clenching or grinding. They are often thin, transparent appliances that cover the biting surfaces of the teeth and are comfortable to wear. Often, occlusal guards protect teeth and even reduce frequency of headaches and migraines.


Humbertroaddentistry sportsmouthguard 2
Dental injuries are the most common type of orofacial injury sustained during sports participation. It is very important to prevent these injuries by wearing a sports mouth guard. These can also be worn to prevent damage from clenching and grinding while exercising.


Humbertroaddentistry tmj
Temperomandibular dysfunction includes a wide range of disorders that are often associated with facial muscle problems that affect jaw movement, pain in the face or around the TMJ, or problems with the joint itself. There are a wide variety of TMD treatment options such as prescription medication, bite splints, physical therapy, and surgery, and these are often used in combination to achieve successful results.


Humbertroaddentistry smilingpatient
At Humbert Road Dentistry, our primary goal is to make sure you are comfortable during your visit, overcome your dental anxiety, and feel confident about seeing the dentist. Discuss with your doctor ways to reduce anxiety before and during your dental appointments. Occasionally, options may include nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or prescribed medications.