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Humbert Road Dentistry is the best in the Riverbend Area. Dr. Moody and her support staff are exceptional. Check them out for your next dental visit. You’ll be happy you did!!!
  — Lance F.   (Patient since 2006)
Great doctors & staff. Everyone is friendly and they are very efficient . All of the procedures were explained in advance. I would highly recommend Humbert road Dentistry to all of my friends and family.
— Joe H.   (Patient since 2018)
I really appreciate the staff and Dr. Moody at Humbert Rd Dentistry. They seem to care about me as a person AND as a patient. And that makes it much easier to go to the dentist!
— Martha R.   (Patient since 2006)
Everyone at Humbert Road Dentistry have been completely professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and dedicated to what they are doing. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone seeking dental work.
— Michael G.   (Patient since 2018)
The office staff is extremely professional. The dental staff goes above and beyond to problem solve and is extremely empathetic. Dr. Hanahan is gentle and very sweet. I highly recommend their office.
— Trisha M.  (Patient since 2018)
I could not be more happy with my first time experience with Humbert Road Dentistry!
— Deanna R.
The dentists and staff have always made me feel comfortable and completely explained all issues going on with my teeth and gums. I love this office. I have had many issues with my teeth in the past and have left previous offices feeling very discouraged but that is never the case with this office. They do a great job of kindly explaining everything and working with you so that problems can be fixed. I highly recommend Humbert Road Dentistry to anyone looking for a new place to go.
— Mary K.